EnGeneIC has recently completed a Phase I first-in-man clinical trial which proved the safety of its EDV technology.

EnGeneIC's mission is to change the perception of cancer from life threatening to curable. We are a privately held Australian company with proprietary technology based on bacterial minicells. These very small, 400 nanometre particles (EnGeneIC Delivery Vehicles or EDVs), are capable of carrying a payload of anticancer drugs and other therapeutic molecules such as siRNA/microRNA and plasmids and are targeted to tumour cells using antibodies.

EDVs have the potential to:

• Target cancer treatments directly to tumours
• Combine cancer therapies for tailor-made treatment
• Overcome drug resistance
• Supercharge antibodies with a substantial drug payload
• Minimize the toxicity of cancer treatments

Once injected into the blood stream, the EDVs passively accumulate around the tumour. When the antibodies attached to the EDVs bind onto the cancer cells, the EDVs are internalized and release their toxic payload. The EDV payload can be easily customised to provide combined therapies and because the chemotherapeutic agent is directed to where it is needed inside the cancer cell, a much smaller amount of drug and targeting antibody is used. This lowers costs while still retaining the therapeutic benefit to the patient. Production of EDVs is easily scalable and cost effective.



Learn about the EnGeneIC Delivery Vehicle

See how EDV's target tumour cells using appropriately selected bispecific antibodies.
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EDV medicated drug delivery video


Featured on the ABC's Australian Story

The Australian Story Episode
"For the Holy Grail",
featuring Dr Himanshu Brahmbhatt and Dr Jennifer MacDiarmid.

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